Public Information Of Ganjingzi District
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Deputy District Mayor: Lin Li


    Lin Li: female, Han, born in February 1978, Jiu San Society members, graduate qualifications, doctor of management, currently Ganjingzi District People's government deputy mayor.

    Experience: associate professor, school of management, dalian jiaotong university. Professor, school of management, dalian jiaotong university. Deputy dean of school of management, dalian jiaotong university. Dalian municipal government service center. Director of school of economics and management, dalian jiaotong university. Assistant to the director of the administrative committee of the economic and technological development zone. In December, 2017, I will be the deputy district governor of ganjingzi district of dalian.


    Responsible for education, judicial, cultural and sports, medical and health, population planning, Helping the Disabled, patriotic health and spiritual civilization construction. Completing other tasks assigned by the district director. In charge of education bureau, government supervision office, bureau of justice, culture and sports bureau, health and family planning bureau, Helping the Disabled. Coordinating the workers' federation, the communist youth league, the women's federation, the Red Cross, the archives (bureau), the party history research office. To coordinate large-scale activities in the city.

    Be responsible for the branch department  for government systematic Party building work and the Building of the Honest and Clean Government work. Responsible part of  the safety supervision works.