Public Information Of Ganjingzi District
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Deputy District Mayor: Liang Chun Bo


    Liang Chunbo: male, Manchu,was born in April 1965,Communist Party members of China,a college degree, bachelor of arts, was seated, the current deputy district mayor of the people's government, member of the party organization.

    Experience: youth corps committee secretary of liaoning normal university (Vice - officelevel), liaoning normal university youth corps committee secretary and Vice minister of student work, pulandian field town, deputy party secretary, dalian foreign science and technology exchange center, deputy director of the dalian Shahekou District XingHaiWan street agency director, Vice secretary of departments, dalian Shahekou District XingHaiWan street working committee secretary, director of the office, deputy district dalian Shahekou District cadres (xi 'an road development and construction management office director), the deputy governor of the government of Shahekou District, Dalian, was the deputy district chief of the people's Government of Ganjingzi District in December 2017 and a member of the Party group.


    Responsible for urban construction and management, prevent loss of earthquake disaster reduction, civil air defense civil protection, the city flood prevention and forest fire prevention, transportation and security, administrative law enforcement, environmental protection, planning, land and housing, barracuda bay business district and the sports new town construction, etc. Completing other tasks assigned by the district director. Branch city construction bureau (civil air defense office,), traffic bureau, law enforcement bureau. Coordinate the work of environmental bureaus, land and housing sub-bureaus, planning bureaus and traffic police teams.

Be responsible for the branch department  for government systematic Party building work and the Building of the Honest and Clean Government work. Responsible part of  the safety supervision works.