Public Information Of Ganjingzi District
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Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

[Foreign Economy and Trade]
    In the full year, the whole district actually completed USD $1.026 billion in the whole district, accomplished 101.38% of the full-year tasks with 11.3% growth. Important projects such as China Resources Land Limited, Diamond Bay, China Overseas New Town, Coridel Real Estate Development, Dongchen Financing and Leasing Co., Ltd. etc. completed investment attraction smoothly, and Zhongsheng Group (Dalian) Co., Ltd. smoothly completed contribution increase for two batches of projects. It actually completed 22.65 billion Yuan with domestic investment in the full year, and accomplished 100.67% of full-year tasks, year-on-year growth was 15.56%. Important domestic investment projects such as Yifeng Automobile Square, Dalian LECITY, CFHI Petrochemical Base, Dalian China Town, Auchan Square etc. completed investment attraction. The full year actually completed foreign trade import as USD$ 4.499 billion, accomplished 100% tasks with 11.66% year-on-year growth in the full year. Export amount of 5 enterprises such as DSIC Ocean Engineering Co. , Ltd. etc. surpassed USD$ 100 million.