Public Information Of Ganjingzi District
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Science and Technology

[Science and Technology]
    The whole district accomplished added value 4.48 billion Yuan for high-new technology products, turnover amount of technology contract was 1.007 billion Yuan, and R&D appropriation expenditure was 253 million Yuan.

    Six enterprises such as Zhongying Science and Technology etc. achieved the approval as national high-new technology enterprises. There were 2 newly increased city-level engineering technology research centers, and 2 city-level key laboratories. “New type mining energy-efficient discharge pump” of Dalian Honze Pumps Co., Ltd. was approved as yearly key new product by Ministry of Science and Technology.

    It actively strived for support of various-level science and technology fund. Dalian Fengchi Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. received 500,000 Yuan innovation funds for national science and technology type of small and medium enterprises. The projects of Dalian Haosen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Dalian DV Valve Co., Ltd. have received 18 million Yuan of Liaoning Province major special project funds for science and technology. Dalian Huayang Seals Co., Ltd. and Dalian Ganjingzi Xinghuo Productivity Promotion Center has received 2.25 million Yuan of Liaoning Province Science and Technology Planning Projects. The projects from 7 enterprises such as Keruimite Amorphous Electronic (Dalian) Co. , Ltd. have been approved as the project of municipal science and technology planning projects and received 8.3 million Yuan in total.