Public Information Of Ganjingzi District
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Social Security

[Security Administration]
    This year, Public Security Sub-bureau of Ganjingzi District strengthened patrol in key area and high criminal incidence area, preventable cases such as “Robbery, grabbing and theft” etc. lowered down 19.6% than last year in the whole district; intensified governing of hot issues of public security, and investigated and treated 103 cases involving disgraceful events, 30 persons were in criminal detention, 353 persons in administrative detention, rectified and reformed 140 cases with potential safety hazard, 16 important persons were in stable control, 41 dispute cases were mediated; 38 hotels for registration of accommodation against the regulations were disposed, 8 “illegal hotels” were prohibited, public observation and private investigation activities of “Three-level linkage test” organized by Ministry of Public Security were firstly accomplished with 100% acceptability rate, it enlarged security management intensity for used mobile phone transaction field, wasted metal scraps purchase trades, and pawn mortgage industry, penalized 6 irregular purchasing; stations; created “People’s livelihood police”, shaped new image of census registration hall, identification card, entry-exit window service, promoted reservation service and deferred service by window, set up special service such as “mobile service window”, green channel of temporary ID card arrangement etc.